Sunday, April 12, 2015

Eviction Notice is in Effect!

Dear Wombmate,

I’m afraid your residency in my body is nearly up! You now must vacate the premises immediately.

I have enjoyed having you as a tenant. However, I have recently found that you have outgrown the available quarters and I am unable to expand further for you.  I look forward to our future joint residency in a place much larger and hopefully more amicable to the both of us.

Please, clean up any damages you’ve caused in there.  I know there must be some because I can feel you kicking the walls and some of my vital organs with much frequency and force. Though I know you’ve really enjoyed playing with it, stomping on it and using it for a pillow, I will be in need of my bladder so please leave it behind.  Thank you kindly!!

A painless exit of the premises is not expected but would be gladly received and no dawdling on the way out would be greatly appreciated.
Your arrival is much anticipated Little Lady!

So much love,


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