Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving turkey, jalapenos and Christmas blend coffee!

Yes you heard right, jalapenos and coffee.  I cant get enough of spicy salsa.  At times, my dinners consist of a bowl of salsa and corn tortillas.  Now, jalapenos and salsa are creeping into my breakfasts and lunches.  The other day, I was running low on jalapenos, and as I made my typical ham, cheese and tomato sandwich, I put one random jalapeno in it.  How exciting in the anticipation of "will this be the bite?"  HAHAH  yes, I am THAT pregnant woman :)

Today is 11/26/14, the day before Thanksgiving.  What a productive day this has been so far!  I slept in till 7 AM, made breakfast, then headed to my classroom to finish my lesson planning.  I threw in a load of laundry and out the door I went.  I texted the hubby a bit later: "I may be longer than an hour!" A total of two hours after I left, I came home with my lesson plans totally done through the end of the fall semester!  WAHOO

I bask a few minutes over my productivity with my hubby when I get home.  I proudly display my color coded, good old fashioned paper-backed lesson plan book when crazy preggo hunger struck.  Currently it's 11:00 AM and I have yet to cook our mini thanksgiving meal as well.  Before I can cook the Thanksgiving meal, this is what I whip up:

Belly shot over looking a plate full of: biscuits with applebutter, mixed fruit, a slice of mozzarella,  skillet cooked ham in coconut oil, banana, and a decadent cup of decaf home spun Christmas blend  coffee.  Spice up yo life friend!!

Thanksgiving Eve drinking decaf Christmas blend coffee.

Now wait till you hear of my thanksgiving Turkey... OH YEAH!  I have my preggo cravings to thank for this one.  

Rub salt and any green spice all over a patted dry turkey.
Bake for one hour uncovered on 350.
Remove and smother in coconut oil.  I just did a few big spoonfuls at the top and let it melt down the sides.
Bake again for about 15 minutes to get it all melted and combine with the spices that have slid off to the bottom of the pan.
Take a veggie peeler to two naval oranges and place in a medium bowl.
Add as much of the pan drippings as you can in the bowl with the peelings and squeeze a whole orange in the bowl. Stir well.
Bake for another 3 hours making sure to baste every 30 minutes.
I left mine uncovered the whole time and the skin got a nice slight crispness to it. 

Just after the orange peeling and pan drippings have been basted.

Hubby and I enjoying cooking in our kitchen.
Thanksgiving 2014.
Dozier made giblet gravy for the first time and it was fantastic!!  My Grandma always made it each year and I always thought it was nasty, but his was really good!

Orange flavored Thanksgiving turkey :)  Your welcome!

Baby Lee liked it  :)

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