Wednesday, November 12, 2014

D + M = 3 HOORAY!! We're pregnant!

Two pink lines.  Oh boy.  or... Oh girl?   Found this out just a few weeks after our life settled from the chaos that most of you know we went through.  As you can imagine, this was a bit of a shock and unexpected.  Dozier and I tried for a long time to get pregnant many moons ago.

Well, God has stupendous timing.

One week late, I took a test and it glared positive in my eyes.  My heart was beating so hard in my ears I stopped hearing the world.  Then, the shaking took over as I near tumbled downstairs to show Dozier my new treasure.  I was shaking so hard from fear and excitement, all I could say with HUGE eyes, and a wide mouth "Uuummm... look"

He took it from me and said something.. I was in such shock I cant even remember.  I do remember the feeling that he was smiling and muttered something about pregnancy pills.  Next minute later I come to and scream "OH MY GOD I MUST CALL MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!'  Of course I called my eldest sister, Esther while I cried and wailed all the way to the drug store for more tests and these "pregnancy pills."  

I am in tears of so many emotions as I downed more water to pee on two more sticks right away.  Well, success and this makes three.  This Columbus discovery happened one week before I begin teaching third grade for the first time at a new school.  That story later upon telling the boss :)  Quite amusing actually TEE HEE.

HALLELUJAH!!!  A baby has now changed everything <3

Michaella at 5 weeks. Taken the night we took three home pregnancy tests.


  1. been to the doc? head spinning

  2. Oh yes we have Mrs. Rachel! Right now I'm 20 weeks and we will go in a few days to, hopefully, find out the gender! So far, me and my Wombmate are doing EXCELLENT!!