Sunday, April 12, 2015

Eviction Notice is in Effect!

Dear Wombmate,

I’m afraid your residency in my body is nearly up! You now must vacate the premises immediately.

I have enjoyed having you as a tenant. However, I have recently found that you have outgrown the available quarters and I am unable to expand further for you.  I look forward to our future joint residency in a place much larger and hopefully more amicable to the both of us.

Please, clean up any damages you’ve caused in there.  I know there must be some because I can feel you kicking the walls and some of my vital organs with much frequency and force. Though I know you’ve really enjoyed playing with it, stomping on it and using it for a pillow, I will be in need of my bladder so please leave it behind.  Thank you kindly!!

A painless exit of the premises is not expected but would be gladly received and no dawdling on the way out would be greatly appreciated.
Your arrival is much anticipated Little Lady!

So much love,


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving turkey, jalapenos and Christmas blend coffee!

Yes you heard right, jalapenos and coffee.  I cant get enough of spicy salsa.  At times, my dinners consist of a bowl of salsa and corn tortillas.  Now, jalapenos and salsa are creeping into my breakfasts and lunches.  The other day, I was running low on jalapenos, and as I made my typical ham, cheese and tomato sandwich, I put one random jalapeno in it.  How exciting in the anticipation of "will this be the bite?"  HAHAH  yes, I am THAT pregnant woman :)

Today is 11/26/14, the day before Thanksgiving.  What a productive day this has been so far!  I slept in till 7 AM, made breakfast, then headed to my classroom to finish my lesson planning.  I threw in a load of laundry and out the door I went.  I texted the hubby a bit later: "I may be longer than an hour!" A total of two hours after I left, I came home with my lesson plans totally done through the end of the fall semester!  WAHOO

I bask a few minutes over my productivity with my hubby when I get home.  I proudly display my color coded, good old fashioned paper-backed lesson plan book when crazy preggo hunger struck.  Currently it's 11:00 AM and I have yet to cook our mini thanksgiving meal as well.  Before I can cook the Thanksgiving meal, this is what I whip up:

Belly shot over looking a plate full of: biscuits with applebutter, mixed fruit, a slice of mozzarella,  skillet cooked ham in coconut oil, banana, and a decadent cup of decaf home spun Christmas blend  coffee.  Spice up yo life friend!!

Thanksgiving Eve drinking decaf Christmas blend coffee.

Now wait till you hear of my thanksgiving Turkey... OH YEAH!  I have my preggo cravings to thank for this one.  

Rub salt and any green spice all over a patted dry turkey.
Bake for one hour uncovered on 350.
Remove and smother in coconut oil.  I just did a few big spoonfuls at the top and let it melt down the sides.
Bake again for about 15 minutes to get it all melted and combine with the spices that have slid off to the bottom of the pan.
Take a veggie peeler to two naval oranges and place in a medium bowl.
Add as much of the pan drippings as you can in the bowl with the peelings and squeeze a whole orange in the bowl. Stir well.
Bake for another 3 hours making sure to baste every 30 minutes.
I left mine uncovered the whole time and the skin got a nice slight crispness to it. 

Just after the orange peeling and pan drippings have been basted.

Hubby and I enjoying cooking in our kitchen.
Thanksgiving 2014.
Dozier made giblet gravy for the first time and it was fantastic!!  My Grandma always made it each year and I always thought it was nasty, but his was really good!

Orange flavored Thanksgiving turkey :)  Your welcome!

Baby Lee liked it  :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Coconut oil on the tummy and in the tummy! With a side of pumpkin French toast please!

Ive eard coconut oil is good for expanding bellies do to new Wombmates.  So far I have really liked the feel and smell of it.  I am still researching if it will prevent stretch marks though.  So, I bought a tub of cocoa butter just in case.  Please comment if you have avoided stretch marks with CO.

I'm so food picky about all things being as clean and natural as possible, I decided to try cooking various things with CO.  

Popcorn is divine when popped in this.  
1/4 C coconut oil
1/2 C kernels for popping
Pop till 3 seconds are in between each pop.
Remove from pot immediately.
Sprinkle with a little Sea Salt.  WOW Party in your mouth!!!

Try rubbing a steak with coconut oil, cook in a skillet, remove then add garlic, add a little more coconut oil to the pan, then a can of small potatoes rolled in woschtershir (god grief, however you spell it!!) and a can of green beans.   I literally spent 10 minutes cooking.  When tired and preggo, I eat lots of canned veggies these days,  So much faster and my husband's head stays on :)  TEE HEE

Don't mind the messy stove, people live here!!

For the Lee household, we always do breakfast big on Saturday!!  Either blueberry pancakes, orange pancakes or if we're feelin funky: some pumpkin French toast!!!  

Oh yeah!!  Happy fall ya'll!

3 eggs
3/4 C canned pumpkin (I'm tellin you, canned saves so much time)
1/2 C milk
1 T Pumpkin Pie spice or cinnamon and nutmeg if out. 
Butter the griddle, whip and dip!  Enjoy!

If you like coffee, add any of the following to the coffee GROUNDS: cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, allspice.  Oh it makes a diving cup of liquid gold that warms the belly.  Play around with the flavors and amounts your pallet desires.  We love three dashes of pumpkin pie spice and one dash of cinnamon.  

My Wombmate always wants milk, milk and more milk!!  So I opted for... milk :)  Enjoy this divine divinity next Saturday morning for breakfast.

Thank you.  Enjoy :)

Pumpkin French Toast

Telling my boss I'm pregnant, more like cry it to her.

With just finding out we were pregnant, I had much bigger fish to fry (WRETCH) sorry, that was my morning, noon, and night sickness kicking in even at the THOUGHT of  s.e.a.f.%.#.d  

My semester would begin in one short week, with orientation and open house for school happening.  Lets put it this way, I am grateful for the four walls and ceiling provided.... that was it.  Monday came, I could do nothing but flip through my Teacher books that I JUST received :)  Tuesday came and the carpet crew is still no where to be seen....  I don't freak out here... Wednesday morning comes, I begin clawing at my face of the time constraint, all the while battling my ALL day sickness of this microscopic Wombmate that has so gladly entered my life.  Just as I thoguht I was holding it together so well, these lovely new hormones that I have never experienced before have begun to creep up slowly and sets in the form of anxiety.  Wow, I mean real anxiety.

I had to get out of my bare-boned classroom.  I had to cry.  The tears came.. flooded the campus,  the Ocala town square, then watered the capitals new gardens at the White House.  It was too much.  I wanted everything to be perfect and set up with lemonade and cookies for when the parents of my third grade class arrived to meet me their child's teacher for the first time.  Well, I dry up my fountain of snot and wipe that last of my well put makeup that has streaked all down my face and neck, and go find an agenda for this busy bee.

Darn if these horomones keep me from my teacher composure.  Soon as I walk into the classroom of a trusted fellow teacher, to put my restless hands to some form of a task, I lose it.  Oh man did I lose it.  She stands there with much love and open heart in waiting for me to speak... and I was in a dilemma.  Do I chalk it up to less than 35 hours away from my parents walking into my room that does not even have carpet?  No, gosh that is silly and I need to get control!  Or do I spill the beans, hopefully not throw them up (WRETCH) sorry, everything is a trigger... 

All I could say through my sobbing.   "I'M .... PREGNANT!!!"  She squeals with delight and gathers me in her welcoming arms.  

For crying out loud, give the stressed out pregnant lady a hug!!!

Later on in the day, the carpet people finally make their MUCH anticipated presence known.  A bit later, I'm still in tears, AARRGG I can't stop crying, I am such a wreck, I should have gone home to attempt a nap (I NEVER NAP), but I am pretty sure being at home and not seeing what was going on would have surely made my head fall off and my toes dry up from my eyes needing all the water.

Boldly I wait (YEAH RIGHT!!! BOLDLY!!!! HAHAHA)  Then, my boss comes around the corner just as the taillights of the carpet crew are seen diminishing in the distance.  She takes one look at me, never breaks her smile, the smile that holds the whole school together, and well, shoot, what do ya know.... I LOST IT!  She gently rubs my arm and says nothing.  How patience a woman she is, and makes me think, "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!!  I almost ALWAYS HAVE CONTROL WHILE IN PUBLIC!!"

Of course, I cracked like the Grand Canyon just the same with the previous teacher.  My boss is so gentle, like a feather floating on the clouds that wipes away all hurt.  She is so good, I hope I am just like her when I grow up :)

She had only two words for me accompanied by her ever so graceful smile and much needed hug: "I know."  She is like a Hoover vacuum.. That woman, she is too good ;)

Praise the LORD.  I just needed to be a woman and tell someone of my life-changing event, AND see my desk, printer and computer in my room pronto!!  All was well once I wound my self back together enough to drink the water fountain dry, and staple my welcome packets.

Let's just say, I had a loving and helpful husband help me pull it all together the next day.  It was all hands on deck with him, and a few other fellow teachers and eager students that helped me pull of getting my room as ready as it could.

In no way, did my stress level and raging need to eat later that night, almost rip the head off the waiter that was taking too long in getting my food order to my ravaging and starving child growing inside.  Goodness, did he get the "TEACHER EYE / FEED THE PREGNANT LADY NOW NOW NOW" as he set the to go order down in front of my once again welling eyes.   

Needless to say, I just needed a hug and a meal to see the night a success.  Thank God.  It was over and ended in success with the parents, and my boss :)

Holy smokes.  I'm pregnant!

Till next time,
Mrs. Lee and Baby

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

D + M = 3 HOORAY!! We're pregnant!

Two pink lines.  Oh boy.  or... Oh girl?   Found this out just a few weeks after our life settled from the chaos that most of you know we went through.  As you can imagine, this was a bit of a shock and unexpected.  Dozier and I tried for a long time to get pregnant many moons ago.

Well, God has stupendous timing.

One week late, I took a test and it glared positive in my eyes.  My heart was beating so hard in my ears I stopped hearing the world.  Then, the shaking took over as I near tumbled downstairs to show Dozier my new treasure.  I was shaking so hard from fear and excitement, all I could say with HUGE eyes, and a wide mouth "Uuummm... look"

He took it from me and said something.. I was in such shock I cant even remember.  I do remember the feeling that he was smiling and muttered something about pregnancy pills.  Next minute later I come to and scream "OH MY GOD I MUST CALL MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!'  Of course I called my eldest sister, Esther while I cried and wailed all the way to the drug store for more tests and these "pregnancy pills."  

I am in tears of so many emotions as I downed more water to pee on two more sticks right away.  Well, success and this makes three.  This Columbus discovery happened one week before I begin teaching third grade for the first time at a new school.  That story later upon telling the boss :)  Quite amusing actually TEE HEE.

HALLELUJAH!!!  A baby has now changed everything <3

Michaella at 5 weeks. Taken the night we took three home pregnancy tests.